C2090-102: IBM Big Data Architect Success Kit

C2090-102: IBM Big Data Architect Success Kit

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C2090-102: IBM Big Data Architect Sample Questions

Question No : 1 Big data is often defined as the ability to derive new insights from data that has scaled up along three axes known as the three v's. Which of the following is the fourth v? (Hint: It has something to do with the uncertainty.) A. volume B. variety C. velocity D. veracity Answer: D Question No : 16 Which of the following does NOT consist of collaboration from various organizations to drive innovation and standardization across big data technologies? A. Cloudera Enterprise B. Hortonworks Data Platform C. IBM BigInsights D. Pivotal Big Data Suite Answer: C Question No : 17 Which language is used to define secondary views in a Cloudant database? A. Ruby B. Java, C++, or Perl C. Javascript D. Python Answer: C Question No : 18 Considering a service level requirement (SLR) of less than 3 milliseconds, what task must be performed to meet the SLR? A. Collect and analyze SNMP MIB data B. Survey a representative amount of end users C. Measure switch failure frequency D. Inquire when prime network hours occur Answer: B Question No : 19 What is the most important aspect of data center disaster recovery? A. A complete damage assessment B. Control of critical assets C. Restoration of business functions D. Protection of individual life Answer: B Question No : 22 Fine grain encryption and security for a Big Data engagement can be enabled and implemented by various IBM, ISV, and open source software products. Which of the following is NOT a security specific software product? A. BigInsights B. Guardium C. OSSEC D. Shiro Answer: A Question No : 23 The inputs to the Architectural Overview document do NOT include which of the following? A. Architectural Goals B. Key Concepts C. Architectural Overview Diagram D. Component Model Answer: B Question No : 27 A component of IBM Industry Model forms the basis of the "Logical Data Warehouse Model" that spans across the traditional RDBMS and Hadoop technology. It defines all of the data structures that would be expected to be defined in the Detailed System of Record. What is the name of this component? A. Business data model B. Atomic warehouse model C. Dimensional warehouse models D. Metadata management Answer: B Question No : 28 Which of the following statements regarding Big R is TRUE? A. The Big R API is completely identical to the R API B. Big R implements an interpreted computer language C. Big R users cannot access Big R capabilities from the standard RStudio client as RStudio is not Hadoop enabled D. Big R utilizes the big SQL query engine for processing Answer: A Question No : 29 You are building a pricing application combining the output from your internal customer database along with an online feed that contains up to the minute competitor pricing adjustments. Which of the following is the best choice for data level real time output? A. Big R B. Big SQL C. Hadoop native hdfs map reduce based queries D. Infosphere streams Answer: D Question No : 30 The downside of cloud computing, relative to SLAs, is the difficulty in determining which of the following? A. Root cause for service interruptions B. Turn-Around-Time (TAT) C. Mean Time To Recover (MTTR) D. First Call Resolution (FCR) Answer: A Question No : 31 A media company wants to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaign. Before they release a movie they prepare and run a campaign for promotion. Based on the response on Twitter and Facebook they want to decide whether or not they should continue a particular campaign. Which of the following should be selected to meet these requirements? A. Hadoop B. Streams C. Unica D. Pure Data for Analytics Answer: C Question No : 32 Which of the following can NOT be performed by the Open Data Platform (ODP)? A. Provide development and governance of upstream projects B. Contribute to the Apache Software Foundation projects C. Produce a set of tools and methods that enable members to create and test differentiated offerings based on the ODP core D. Accelerate the delivery of Big Data solutions by providing a well-defined core consisting of all the components of the Apache Software Foundation projects Answer: A Question No : 33 Which of the following statements is TRUE regarding cloud computing solutions? A. Cloud security is planned, developed, and layered on top of an application after the application development process is complete B. Stateless applications are better candidates for cloud services than applications that maintain state C. Cloud solutions rely on scaling up (vertical) scaling vs. scale out (horizontal) scaling D. Server virtualization is a requirement in a cloud implementation Answer: C C2090-102: IBM Big Data Architect - is a registered certification mark of IBM.