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JSP Tutorials

JSP Scriptlets , Expression and Declaration

Syntax of JSP Scriptles are:

//java codes
int i = 6;
i = i+9;
JSP Scriptlets begins with <% and ends %> .We can embed any amount of java code in the JSP Scriptlets. JSP Engine places these code in the _jspService() method.

Syntax of JSP Expression are:
Syntax of JSP Scriptles are with <%= and ends with %>. Between these this you can put anything and that will converted to the String and that will be displayed.
In the JSP if you want to display the value of i.

Syntax of JSP Declaration are:
You can declare any variable and you can write any method also. This method is accesible in the JSP.

Between these <%! %> you can put anything and that will placed into converted servlet.
public int getValue(){
int j=9;
return j;

In the JSP you can use the method like

In the converted servlet you have public method name : public int getValue(){}

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