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ORACLE Tutorials

oracle Interview Questions FAQs

What is an oracle instance?
What is a view?
What is referential integrity?
Name the data dictionary that stores user-defined constraints?
What is a collection of privileges?
What is a snapshot?
What is a synonym?
What is a cursor?
What is a sequence?
What is a trigger?
What is an exception?
What is a partition of table?
What are pseudo-columns in SQL? Provide examples.
What are the Data Control statements?
What is a schema?
What is a type?
What is a data model?
What is a relation?
Advantages of redo log files?
What is an Archiver?
What is a database buffer cache?
What are the background processes in Oracle?
%type and %rowtype are attributes for?
What are the steps in a two-phase commit?
What is a union, intersect, minus?
What is a join, explain the types of joins?
What is a co-related sub-query?
ODBC stands for?
Data-type used to work with integers is?
Describe data models?
Describe the Normalization principles?
What are the types of Normalization?
What is de-normalization?

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