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Normalization continued......

Third Normal Form involves getting rid of anything in the tables that doesn't depend solely on the
primary key. Only include information that is dependent on the key, and move off data to other tables
that are independent of the primary key, and create a primary key for the new tables.
There is some redundancy to each form, and if data is in 3NF (shorthand for 3rd normal form), it is
already in 1NF and 2NF. In terms of data design then, arrange data so that any non-primary key
columns are dependent only on the whole primary key. If you take a look at the sample database, you
will see that the way then to navigate through the database is through joins using common key columns.
Two other important points in database design are using good, consistent, logical, full-word names for
the tables and columns, and the use of full words in the database itself. On the last point, my database is
lacking, as I use numeric codes for identification. It is usually best, if possible, to come up with keys that
are, by themselves, self-explanatory; for example, a better key would be the first four letters of the last
name and first initial of the owner, like JONEB for Bill Jones (or for tiebreaking purposes, add numbers
to the end to differentiate two or more people with similar names, so you could try JONEB1, JONEB2,

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