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ORACLE Tutorials

Interview Questions in Oracle Applications

1. Any one know how to design territory manager , is there any doc plz help me out...
2. Under Sales Online Resp :: Selecting the product nxt to product catagory getting error:Org id is missing can any one help out from this problem
3. what is flow of service contract
4. How is oracle istore and oracle inventory related?
5. Tell me the flow of Field service from the user's prespective?
6. How to send the SMS in oracle sales to sales representative in oracle sale

Technical :

7. how can i print random rows in plsql table
8. What r the validation done in ap inbound ?
9. In support project one ticket alloted which steps follows manualy tell me ?
10. Which one Module is Biggest Module in oracle apps?
11. Is there any limitations on responsibility assigned to a apps user?
12. Can We Create a Synonym On Trigger?
13. In Per_all_people_f table what is the significance of '_f ' ?
14. How to print invoice from APPS(front end).if we have invoice number in hand with us?
15. tell my any difficult situtation you solved in your experience in your company?
16. How we will receive the work from the client? what type of documents we will develop in the entire Implementation project? plz tell me the total scinario?
17. What are basic steps for AIM?
18. Can u define operating units inplace of inventory?
19. While importing data into interface tables,if u got number of records are error(like more than 1000 records are error),how to imform user?
20. Can u attach Request set with in the Request set?
21. Can u define DFF with in the DFF,How?
22. If the flat file is having the duplicate records in the interface how can you restrict while transferring the flat file data in to interface tables?

Finance :

22. What Are Important Reports In AP,AR? what are the balancing segments in AR?
23. What Are The Important Reports In GL?
24. please can u tell me what is the AP TO GL RECONCILATION process and used reports?
25. Can you split an Invoice?

Manufacturing :

26. What is difference between Sub inventory Transfer and Move order Transfer?
27. what are reference designators and how they are used practically .Please site few examples.
28. how to give an decimal and fraction quantity in transaction like 1.25,3.5,1.999.
29. What to mean by Multi Org? what are all the multi org setups?
30. What do you mean by Planning Item?
31. How do you identify model Type and Option Type BOM in Bill of Material Pages?
32. What are steps included to make a final assembly?
33. What is Reorder point and Reorder quantity? and what is its significance?
34. If any person ask what you know about AIM? How briefly we can explain b'coz we cont expalin AIM in short time.
35. what are the Nine mandatory Flexi fields in Inventory set up
36. What Do you mean by API
37. In osp cycyle i have one finished goods -FG1 Raw material - RM1 Osp Item - OSP1 Resource -Ospres01 Charge Type -PO Move I assign dept, then i created routing and bom. then i realsed job the PO requestion Generated But when i replace on another OSP ITEM - OSP2 for OSP1 having same attributes i am not getting Po requestion CAn any one help me?
38. What is work order less Transaction in WIP?
39. Explain the OSP cycle?
40. What all diffrent typw of resources are there?
41. What are phetom item? How are they user in business case?
42. What setups are done in WIP?
43. what setups are done in BOM?
44. What is the diffrance between std job and non std job?
45. What all diffrent type of supply type are three and what are there use?
46. How many type of BOM are availabe?
47. What are the basic modules of Oracle Apps? Which are very popular
48. What are the modules generally covered under Oracle Manufacturing Apps


49. what are basic setups of oracle HRMS?
50. How is the market for Oracle HRMS Functional consultants - frehers ,who had undergone training through Oracle University with The qualification of MBA?
51. wht is difference between md 50 and md 70.i want brief answer?
52. what dif bett extra information type and special information type?
54. how many types of profile option is there in oracle hrms. why it is necessary?
55. what is work structure
56. how many types of extra information is there?
57. what is business requirment gathering?
58. What is the difference between Customization,Personalization and Configuration in Oracle Apps?


59. Wanted to send the Notification to the Supplier by e-mail.
60. define the difference between cycle counting and physical inventory?
61. what is the purpose of item master organisations? can we define more than one item master?
62. what are the tables used for the item catalog conversion and similarly mandatory columns along with validations?


63. User is trying to post a journal but the "POST" button is greyed out.What could be the problem?
64. Which are the Open interfaces in Oracle Order Management Module?
65. What are the interfaces in Oracle Project Costing and Oracle Project Billing?

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