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ORACLE Tutorials

Oracle Ultra Search

Oracle Ultra Search
What is an Oracle Ultra Search?
Oracle Ultra Search is built on the Oracle Database and Oracle Text technology that provides uniform search-and-location capabilities over multiple repositories such as,Oracle databases, other ODBC compliant databases, IMAP mail servers, HTML documents served up by a Web server, files on disk, and more.
What components constitute Oracle ultra search?
Oracle ultra search is made of the following components:
1) Oracle Ultra search crawler
2) Oracle Ultrasearch backend
3) Oracle Ultra search middle tier
What is an oracle ultrasearch crawler/give details on oracle ultra search crawler?
The Oracle Ultra Search crawler is a Java process activated by the Oracle server
based on a a set schedule.
When activated, the crawler spawns a configurable number of processor threads that fetch documents from various data sources and index them using Oracle Text.
This index is used for querying.
Data sources can be Web sites,database tables, files, mailing lists, Oracle Application Server Portal page groups, or user-defined data sources.
What is oracle ultra search backend?
The Oracle Ultra Search back end consists of an Oracle Ultra Search repository and Oracle Text. Oracle Text provides text indexing and search capabilities required to index and query data retrieved from the data sources. The back end indexes information from the crawler and serves up the query results.
What is oracle ultra search middle tier?
The Oracle Ultra Search middle tier components are Web applications. The middle tier includes the Oracle Ultra Search administration tool, the APIs and the query applications.
How is middle tier deployed in various Oracle products?
In the Oracle Database release, the Oracle Ultra Search middle tier and back end can reside in the same Oracle Home. However, in the OracleAS and Oracle Collaboration Suite releases, the middle tier is located in a different Oracle Home.
What is oracle ultrasearch administration tool?
The administration tool is a J2EE-compliant Web application. We can use it to manage Oracle Ultra Search instances and access it from the intranet.
What is a query reporting tool?
Oracle Ultra Search includes highly functional query applications to query and display search results. The query applications are based on JSP and work with any JSP1.1 compliant engine.
Is query application same as Oracle administration tool?
The administration tool is independent from the Oracle Ultra Search query application. Therefore, the administration tool and query application can be hosted on different computers to enhance security and scalability.
What is an oracle ultra search APIs?
Oracle Ultra Search provides the following APIs:
1) The query API works with indexed data. The Java API does not impose any
HTML rendering elements. The application can completely customize the HTML interface.
2) The crawler agent API crawls and indexes proprietary document repositories.The e-mail Java API accesses archived e-mails and is used by the query application to display e-mails. It can also be used to build our own custom query application.
3) The URL rewriter API is used by the crawler to filter and rewrite extracted URL links before they are inserted into the URL queue.
4) The Document Service crawler agent API enables generation of attribute data based on the document contents. It accepts robot metatag instructions from the agent for the target document, and it transforms the original document contents for indexing control.
What is an oracle ultrasearch instance?
An Ultra Search instance can be created to provide isolation for the data collections that have been crawled.We can create a read-only snapshot of a master Oracle Ultra Search instance. This is useful for query processing or for backup.We can also make a snapshot instance updatable. This is useful when the master instance is corrupted and we want to use a snapshot as a new master instance

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