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ORACLE Tutorials

VVI SQL Questions

Question: Explain Third normalization
Question: How to choose between a Clustered Index and a Non-Clustered Index?
Question: Why there is a performance difference between two similar queries that uses UNION and UNION ALL?
Question: Write a SQL Query to find first day of month?
Question: A user is a member of Public role and Sales role. Public role has the permission to select on all the table, and Sales role, which doesnt have a select permission on some of the tables. Will that user be able to select from all tables ?
Question: If a user doesnt have a permission on a table, but he has permission to a view created on it, will he be able to view the data in table?
Question: Describe Application Role and explain a scenario when you will use it?
Question: Both a UNIQUE constraint and a PRIMARY KEY constraint enforce uniqueness, so when you should use UNIQUE Constraint?
Question: What is the difference between the REPEATABLE READ and SERIALIZE isolation levels?
Question: Why one should not prefix user stored procedures with sp_?
Question: You have several tables, and they are joined together for querying. They have clustered indexes and non clustered indexes. To optimize the performance how you will distribute the tables and their indexes on different file Groups?
Question: Which event (Check constraints, Foreign Key, Rule, trigger, Primary key check) will be performed last for integrity check ?
Question: After removing a table from database, what other related objects have to be dropped explicitly
Question: What is a derived table?

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